Call for Submissions: Mount Pleasant Community Art Screen

January 10th, 2022 by

We are currently accepting submissions for the Mount Pleasant Community Art Screen, until January 2nd, 2023! We welcome contributions from artists, collectives, curators and other community members, organizations and community festivals. Generally speaking, submitted works should be 10 minutes or less and could include (but are not limited to) still images, time-based media, animations, performance works, archival video, interactive pieces, GIFs, experimental video, and curatorial/screening proposals.

After several years of focusing on the theme of PLACE, the Mount Pleasant Community Art Screen is opening this call to works under any theme. When submitting however, we would like to highlight that we will continue to jury works using these three categories:

/40 – Artistic Merit
/30 – Relevance to place/Mount Pleasant/grunt
/30 – Community Impact

The theme of PLACE has come to be interpreted expansively, including but not limited to: the engagement of unceded territory from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives, mapping, gentrification, displacement, diasporic identity, digital space and community and contested space. We will continue to honour its initial framing of PLACE, and ask that when submitting, artists and filmmakers continue to consider what it means to display work publicly in this neighbourhood, what it means to take this space, and what communities will be engaging the most with it. The MPCAS continues under a mandate of being a responsive, non-commercial and community-generated project.

Click here for details and submission forms!

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