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How is it done?: behind-the-scenes tour 

Hosted by Exhibitions and Accessibility Manager Kay Slater

Saturday, May 25th, 1-2 PM 


At grunt gallery

ASL invitation from previous tour:

Join us for a 1-hour behind-the-scene’s tour of the current exhibition at grunt gallery, a memory with you: of holding, of carrying together by Maria-Margaretta Cabana Boucher. This tour will be hosted from the perspective of the installer or preparator with behind-the-scenes details of how the show was installed, tools and equipment used, and the opportunity to talk about the work done to provide accessibility translations for the show. We’ll discuss installing large works and projections. Kay will discuss best practices for accessible paths and installation tips for large projects.

Come with some of your own questions!

Kay will conduct the tours in English (spoken) with live English captions on a TV, and can answer typed questions in French, as well as spoken or typed questions in English, translated by VCC student interpreters (ASL) on site. Contact at us via if you have any access needs.

Catch you there!


grunt gallery is accessed from the sidewalk via a 106” long, 64” wide concrete ramp that rises 12”. The slope is 1 : 8.75. There are no rails on the ramp. The front entrance is an outward-swinging double door with a total width of 64”, and with hand and foot height buttons for automated opening. Entry to the Media Lab behind the gallery space is via a 42” wide passage and entry to the neighbouring amenity space is through a manually operated outward swinging double door with a total width of 70”. No stairs, inclines, or elevators are necessary to access the public areas once inside the gallery.

grunt gallery has a single gender neutral washroom that is accessed via a 31” wide doorway with an automated swinging door with a door handle that is 40” high. The toilet has a 10” clearance on the left side and a 21” clearance in front, with a support bar on the left side. The sink height is 34”.

grunt has immunocompromised guests and staff. Masks are strongly encouraged and are provided at the door.

Please contact us via with any questions, feedback or to discuss access needs.

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Check out past event documentation on our Vimeo page.

Images: An Exploration of Resilience and Resistance by Kali Spitzer, opening reception, 2019; a sentimental dissidence by Gabi Dao, opening reception, 2019; Together Apart Queer Indigeneities Symposium, artist talk by Jas M. Nixon, 2019.

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