Low-Sensory & Voice-off Gallery Hours

January 31st, 2022 by

We are offering and experimenting with low-sensory and voice-off exhibition visiting hours throughout 2022.

On Thursdays from Noon-5PM, our exhibition Manager, Kay Slater, will offer a low-sensory and/or voice-off experience to visitors wishing to visit the space and our exhibitions.

What this will mean:

  • We will ask visitors to come scent-free on Thursdays (no perfume or scented body products—paint your nails a few days before visiting!)
  • You can choose to be voice-off and not converse with our gallery staff. You will not be approached unless you approach us (or if you are in need of assistance). Kay is hard of hearing and will require mask-wearing (mandatory) visitors to communicate by writing, ASL, English sign, or to step outside and remove masks so they can lip read (English or French).
  • Any sound or media pieces will be sound off or low-volume for visitors. Transcripts and captions will be available for all works.
  • Overhead, exhibition lights will be dimmed, still providing safe passage through the space.

Please note for our current exhibition, SuperNova by Rah (March 26th—April 30th, 2022):

  • Because the exhibition features strobe and flashing light effects, on Thursdays we will offer an alternative light experience. Visitors with any sensory concerns or challenges should be prepared prior to entering the space outside of Thursday’s low-sensory hours.
  • We continue to be committed to a low scent space on Thursdays but also know that the smell of the screen material is strong.

If you have any suggestions, additional requests for a low-sensory day, or would like us to anticipate your visit with additional consideration, please email us at access@grunt.ca – we welcome your feedback!


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