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Mamook Ipsoot Indiegogo Campaign

August 15th, 2013

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We hope you’re having a fantastic summer!

grunt gallery spent our holiday vacation working on an exciting new project entitled,Mamook Ipsoot. In July, we brought Dutch artist Desiree Palmen to Vancouver to work on this project with 7 local Aboriginal Youth. The  over several weeks to find a place in the city that is meaningful to them. The project involved the youth and the artist working to camouflage paint the youth into their chosen landscape.

We are now working on a publication filled with vibrant photos, power quotes from the participating youth and an overview of how this project evolved. This project is a wonderful opportunity to consider how Aboriginal youth relate to their city. It’s a way for the youth to explore their connection to their surroundings and affirm their presence.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 to print this publication, you can help by donating to ourIndiegogo campaign. Your contribution can turn this project into a legacy, ensuring that the impact will last for year’s to come.

Visit our Indiegogo campaign page for more details and a list of gifted perks that you could receive for giving to this initiative!

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