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Job: Gallery and Exhibitions Assistant (YCW)

ASL, Captions & Audio Description for Young Canada Works Summer Job at grunt gallery.

Position: Exhibition and Gallery Assistant (Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations)
Location: grunt gallery
Reporting to: Exhibitions & Accessibility Manager
Length of assignment: 2024-06-03 to 2024-08-23 (total hours: 266)
Remuneration: $25.68 per hour
Start date: June 5, 2024

Description of the Position:
The interested applicant will undertake a large inventory catalogue project where technology and tools used by preparatory (installing), archives, and event staff will be tested and documented to create an accessible database of current assets available on-site. Once a week, work will be conducted in total silence, and the applicant will co-host open hours in the gallery, prioritizing a voice-off, no-scent, and low-sensory experience for visitors. During the work placement, the gallery assistant will also assist in installing an exhibition and will be invited to participate as an observer with the grunt gallery staff in the annual exhibition jury selection.

Required Competencies:
Writing in English, Clear Communication (writing, speech or ASL), Commitment, Reliability, Respect, Curiosity, Care and Empathy.

The ideal candidate for this position is a student interested in arts and culture work, eager to learn about artist-run centre operations, including exhibition selection, design, installation, event documentation, and archives processes. They should be committed to the arts community and interested in accessible public art presentations. The role is open to students who are Deaf, deaf, hard of hearing, non-verbal or Disabled, or non-Disabled students aware of their privileges and willing to learn about inclusive systems and design.

Candidates should be comfortable with English communication, including writing, speaking, texting, or ASL, and have the physical ability to handle objects up to 15lbs. They should be tech-savvy, open to problem-solving, and capable of teamwork. Punctuality, adaptability, and readiness to handle diverse tasks in the gallery, from physical work to computer tasks, are essential. 70% of the work will be completed on a computer. Having a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, that works with Wi-Fi will be an asset.

The candidate must be registered in the YCW online candidate inventory and meet the YCW eligibility criteria. Therefore, the candidate must also be enrolled in a post-secondary institution at the time of application.

To apply: Applicants can apply by emailing Please send your resume and address your cover letter to Katrina Orlowski, Program Director. Applications can be in writing, as an audio file, or as a video. Please limit audio and video applications to 7 minutes.

Application Deadline: Applications are due on Friday, May 10th.

grunt is an equal-opportunity employer and welcomes all applicants.

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Our site has an automated front door and washroom door. Washrooms are gender-neutral and mobility device accessible, but the entrance is narrow, and transit space is limited.

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