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Mamook Ipsoot


MAMOOK IPSOOT (Chinook Translation: To Hide or Make Hidden) is a project that occurred at grunt gallery

During the summer of 2013, grunt gallery invited Dutch artist, Desiree Palmen, to visit Vancouver and work with 7 local Aboriginal youth on a collaborative project called Mamook Ipsoot. This project is the Vancouver incarnation of Palmen’s art practice in which she helps youth camouflage themselves into a chosen setting within their urban landscape and photo-document the results. The project took place at grunt gallery in July 2013; the outcome was 7 unique camouflage images that were created by the youth with the help of the artist.

This project evolved out of Palmen’s performance arts practice of interventions in everyday scenarios. In 1999 Palmen used camouflage suits to intervene and respond to public surveillance cameras that monitored citizens without permission. She later expanded this idea into youth-driven projects in which she helps youth to explore how they connect with their surroundings and affirm their presence in familiar and favorite locations in their home city.

“In Istanbul, this project was called “Saklambaç,” which is Turkish for the children’s game Hide & Seek. Often this project takes place in areas where the youth’s connection to the land is extremely important, whether that be historically, culturally or politically,” says Palmen. “It was great to see the relationships the youth developed among one another during the workshop, each in his or her own individual way, working with huge confidence to blend in with their favorite chosen spot.”

These camouflage images were produced as bus shelter posters and could be seen in various off-site locations around Vancouver, BC, from October 2013 to January 2014.


For Purchase:

Mamook Ipsoot Book

Discover a project that brings together 7 Aboriginal youth from Vancouver, an artist from the Netherlands and the surrounding urban landscape.

Mamook Ipsoot tells the story of how artists and youth can create vibrant and meaningful connections with their community. An incredible resource for artists, teachers, community workers and young people.

Mamook Ipsoot Art Cards

This set of cards features 7 unique greeting cards based on the collaboration of the artist, Desiree Palmen, and the Aboriginal youth. Inside the card is a quote from the youth about how their response to the project.

Book & Cards Combo
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