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location/dis-location(s): contingent promises

Exhibition Title: location/dis-location(s): contingent promises

Artist: Jayce Salloum

Opening: Friday Oct 25, 7–10pm

Exhibition Dates: Oct 25 – Nov 30, 2013

grunt gallery is pleased to announce a new installation of photographs by artist, Jayce Salloum, entitled location/dis-location(s): contingent promises.

location/dis-location(s): contingent promises continues Salloum’s visualization of the nature of the ‘natural’ and constructed environments. An extensive assembly of photographs, taken at various places the artist has visited over recent years, is composed through various signifiers and aesthetics. The images depict locations considered public and private, claimed and unsigned spaces, forms of the common, socio/ideological stage fronts, and domestic settings.

The viewer’s subjectivity aids how one might identify themes and locate the familiar, creating relationships between images and groupings. However, locations of photos vary without division. Deeper inspection might reveal dissidence; recognition and dislocation wavers throughout this panoramic installation. How a space might be defined by its subjectivity, varying an in-between state of existence, is interwoven throughout this exhibition.

Nature is looked at as distinct and metaphorical of human culture, not in order to assign human form or human attributes to nature, but rather to show how nature informs the human(e). This exhibition considers the complexity of how the reading of spaces might overlap, separate, and collapse into one another, inferring an oblique mapping of histories.

These photographs are from Salloum’s ongoing body of work, untitled: photographs, that attempts to critically engage in the representation of public and private space. location/dis-location(s) approaches coming to terms with what it means to be making photographs here (and elsewhere) and the exploration of the possibilities of visualizing the nature of natural, urban, semi-urban, and sub-urban environments (and the totality of the constructs signified in those terms).

A corresponding exhibition of earlier works in this continuum, location/dis-location(s): reprise, preceded this installation at CSA Space in Sept & October of this year.

Join us at grunt gallery on October 25th for the opening reception of the exhibition. A published essay written by Keith Wallace on Jayce Salloum’s practice will be available at the gallery. The exhibition continues to November 30th.

Jayce Salloum dedicates this exhibition to 52 Week of Gulf Labor. Gulf Labor is a coalition of international artists, writers, curators, and others, working to ensure that migrant worker rights are protected during the construction and maintenance of museums on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE. For more information, please visit:

Exhibition Documentation:

This exhibition is a part of Capture Photography Festival. 

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