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When you sign up for our newsletter, it includes a totally free grunt membership.

Why is membership free?

At grunt we consider all economies, and we strive to make our programming accessible to anyone who wishes to participate. It’s much more important to us to have a large and lively membership than it is to generate revenue from membership fees.

Why is membership important?

A lively and active membership demonstrates grunt’s vitality as an artist-run centre to our funders, as well as to our present and future audiences.  Building grunt’s membership ensures that the gallery continues to function as a dynamic, artistic, educational, and community resource that is respected and valued.

What is the role of a grunt gallery member?

A member’s main responsibility is to enhance the governance of an organization.  Our members also help grunt maintain and grow a community of artists, and pursue new projects that are in our interests. So tell us about the artists and art projects you’d like to see more of!

What are the perks of membership?

– Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting
– 20% off all grunt merchandise and publications
– Newsletter with updates about our upcoming exhibitions, events, projects and activities
– Opportunities to get involved at grunt as a volunteer, board member, committee member, audience member, or even a staff member!

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