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H20 Cycle | François Roux

Exhibition Title: H20 Cycle | François Roux



Exhibition Dates:

Artist: François Roux
Opening: Fri, 16 March 7-11pm
Exhibition Dates: Fri, 16 March – Sat, 31 March


H2O Cycle is a series of three videos shot in and around English Bay in Vancouver, BC. These videos were presented in grunt’s Media Lab as a loop for the duration of the exhibition.
The three videos are characterized by their relationship to water; what Roux describes as “a way of working.” Water in its various forms and resonant meanings shapes the nature of these videos.

This can be understood in contrast to another group of his videos, RGB Cycle, where colour rather than water form the basis of his working methodology. Roux’s process can be characterized by a constant back and forth between complexity and simplicity, experiment and analysis. Gradually, his work finds its place between what he has in mind and what he encounters while wandering through the landscape. This exhibition was produced in conjunction with CSA Gallery.


Born and raised in a small French town, François Roux is a 24-year-old artist. Having completed an internship at the grunt gallery, he currently works with Vancouver artists Geoffrey Farmer, Kevin Schmidt, and Hank Bull. Until the age of 18, François came to know the urban landscape on his skateboard, alternately via skate spot reconnaissance and drunken wandering.

Watch the H20 Cycle:

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