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Dynamo Lines

Exhibition Title: Dynamo Lines

Artist: Josephin Böttger & Sergej Tolksdorf

Opening: Thurs Sept 12, 7-10pm

Exhibition Dates: Thurs Sept 12- Sept 15

Note: Dynamo Lines also coincides with SWARM 2013, read here for more info on this annual artist-run centre festival. 

grunt gallery and New Forms Festival present Dynamo Lines, a video, sound and live performance by Josephin Böttger and Sergej Tolksdorf, and Trapez with the support of the Surrey Urban Screen.

Media and installation artist Josephin Böttger presents a new work entitled Dynamo Lines, which looks at the fragmentation of cityscapes caused by social constructs, urban development, traffic, lights and movement. Three looped video projections depict time-lapsed motion and light from various vantage points of city grids and traffic. The artwork explores the relationship of densely populated areas versus individual movements within fragmented spaces.

Working with musician Sergej Tolksdorf, Böttger’s video installation includes footage of actors emerging as a work team, observing busy highway arteries. But their movements are edited so they appear sporadic, contrapunctual to the rythm and flow of light from the streets. These scenes transition into drawn sequences removing the detail of urban density and simplifying the images into minimalist, white outlines.

The live performance uses an archive of sounds that sync with the projections, along with compositions made for particular scenes. The installation and live performance will take place at grunt gallery’s Media Lab on Thursday September 12, 2013.

Josephin Böttger will also be presenting Trapez at New Forms Festival. The video documents the construction work that occurs at a building site; time and reality is distorted by time lapses and drawn elements that blend into the footage. The video examines construction and demolition, both key components of urban development. The soundtrack echoes sounds of construction; the work acts between dance and architecture, the human body shaping the built environment.

The projection appears outdoors on various public spaces and building walls like temporary graffiti. This project will take place at New Forms Festival, at the Centre for Digital Media, on Sept 14, 2013.

Join grunt gallery on Thursday September 12th between 7 and 10pm for the Dynamo Lines installation and performance. The installation will be viewable in the Media Lab until September 15th, 2013.

Attend New Forms Festival to view Trapez, which will be taking place at the festival site.

Trapez will also be viewable at the Surrey Urban Screen from Sept 6–15, 2013. Surrey Urban Screen is an outreach venue of the Surrey Art Gallery and located on the west wall of the Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre.

Dynamo Lines Media Release

Read a short interview with Josephin Bottger on CiTR’s website.


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