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Curator of Community Engagement!

job posting curator of community engagement

Position Title: Curator of Community Engagement

Location: grunt gallery
Reporting to: Program Director and Operations Director
Start and End Date: January 6 to December 5, 2014
Hours: 20 hours/week with a flexible work schedule.
Rate of pay: $22/hour

General Description of the Position:

The Curator of Community Engagement works with board, staff, contractors, volunteers, and membership to develop contacts and strengthen relationships between the grunt and grunt’s partners in the community. This is a professional position that reports to the Program Director and Operations Director at grunt gallery.

The Curator of Community Engagement is a planner, implementer, and relationship builder who is responsible for developing grunt’s community plan. They are also responsible for developing strategies around retention and recognition of donors, audience members, volunteers and other grunt communities, as well strategies for outreach. The Curator of Community Engagement will take advantage of grunt’s strengths in order to build strong, long-term and loyal relationships with audience members and the community.

Application Deadline: Sunday, November 24 @ 5:00pm

Interested in applying?

Read the entire job description here.

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