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Sausage Factory by artists Weronika Stepien and Stephen Wichuk
Essay written by Alla Gadassik:  Sausage Factory publication

análekta by Merle Addison
Essay written by Dana Claxton: analekta publication – FOR WEB


Catastrophe, Memory, Reconciliation by Osvaldo Ramirez Ostillo.
Exhibition essay by Alexis Hranchuk.

Eraser Street by Henri Robideau
Exhibition essay written by Clint Burnham.

Ahmad Tabrizi exhibition and curatorial essay by Lorna Brown and Makiko Hara.
View exhibition info.


Julia Feyrer texts by Vanessa Kwan
Part 1 – History creeps: the grunt kitchen and Julia Feyrer
Part 2 – Recordings
Part 3 – Notes
View exhibition info.

Hyung-Min Yoon exhibition essay by Lorna Brown
View exhibition info.

Laura Moore exhibition essay by Luke Siemens
View exhibition info.


Jayce Salloum exhibition essay by Keith Wallace
View exhibition info.

Ian Forbes exhibition essay by Noah Becker
View exhibition info.

Laura Lamb exhibition essay by Anakana Schofield
View exhibition info.

Cal Lane exhibition essay by Robin Peck
View exhibition info.

Adrian Stimson exhibition essay by Elizabeth Matheson
View exhibition info.

David Khang exhibition essay by Koan Jeff Baysa M.D.
View exhibition info.

Ali Ahadi exhibition essay by Ahmad Tabrizi
View exhibition info.


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